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Origins of the vibrator as a sex toy

Although many people believe that the vibrator was invented by those doctors and midwives who practiced genital massage on women to cure them of female hysteria, this is not entirely true.

Where did erotic massage originate?

Today’s erotic massages are an essential part of any couple’s intimate life. Massages, erotic or not, are an excellent approach prior to the sexual act, or can also be used afterwards as a form of relaxation. However, erotic massages are nothing new. They have been with us for a long time (about 5000 years) although many times they have been practiced in a more clandestine way. In this article we will review the history of erotic massage, starting with classical massage and how it evolved into genital massage. […]

Strengthen your relationship through erotic massage

We all want to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with the person with whom we share our life as a couple. However, this can be complex these days, as the hustle and bustle offers many opportunities for stress to affect our attitude towards each other, as well as making it difficult to find time to spend together. […]

Yoni massage Barcelona

The Yoni or Ionic massage, derived from the word Yoni, is a type of full-body tantric massage oriented to women and emphasizing not only the vulva but also the woman as such. The word Yoni is a representation of the vulva that symbolizes the Hindu goddess Sakti. The Yoni massage is (along with the Lingam massage) one of the most famous tantric massages, where certain erogenous areas of the woman's body are also massaged, such as the labia majora and minora of the vulva, the clitoris, the so-called G-spot, the entrance to the vagina, the breasts, the anal and perianal area and other erogenous areas such as the armpits, feet or face.

Best aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac is a food or supplement that awakens the sexual instinct, provokes desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance. Aphrodisiacs have always been a hot topic, as evidenced by the large amount of advertising, substances halfway between the supplement and the drug that are marketed and all those products that exist and are supposed to have libido enhancing effects. […]

Tantra secrets

In its most general term, Tantra refers to all those traditional techniques (usually born in Asia) that aim at mental and physical concentration. There are variants of Tantra in many Eastern religions and cults, its two main focuses being Hinduism and Buddhism. Esoteric traditions of Tantra developed during the first millennium BC. […]

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