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Differences between polyamory and open relationships

In our experience with open relationships and non-monogamy we receive many questions regarding lifestyles that go beyond monogamy, especially related to this type of massage for your partner or in a couple. That is why in this post we are going to define the different types of non-monogamous relationships that exist and the differences between them.

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How to choose an erotic massage oil?

Massage oil is the essential complement to any erotic massage session. The massage oil encourages the fingers to slide over the skin, helping to move along the surface in a gentle way. This allows you to apply pressure and move your hands at the same time. Depending on the type of oil used, it will also offer hydration for the skin or a cold or heat effect that will offer physiotherapeutic advantages. Tips for choosing an erotic massage oil The aim of enjoying an erotic [...]

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Erogenous zones of the body with greater sensitivity

The human body is endowed with hundreds of thousands of nerve receptors at virtually every point that it signals in the body. In addition to this there are specialised nerve receptors for different types of stimuli, the most numerous classification being that which divides them into 5 types. Types of nerve receptors Mechanical receivers, which are activated by a deformation of the area around the receiver Thermoreceptors, which measure the temperature changes around you Nocioceptors, which are activated when there is damage to any tissue [...]

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What is the P-Spot?

Of all the erogenous points and areas highly sensitive to sexual stimulation the most famous is undoubtedly the G-spot, that supposed internal area of the vagina that some people seem to believe causes instant orgasms. It should be said that the G-spot is nothing more than the inner face of the clitoris, the structure that surrounds the vagina on both sides and on top, with the most visible part of the clitoris being found on the upper part of the vulva. However, in recent years, the so-called male P-spot has become trendy, spot which is nothing more than the prostate itself (the letter P is the first letter of the word prostate).

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Tips to improve the male orgasm

There is a widespread idea that male orgasms are direct, simple and short. During sex men simply have the orgasm, the orgasm is over in a few seconds and the sex is too. However, the truth is that there is much more room for male exploration and pleasure than most people realize. In this post we will review some techniques to see how men can improve the intensity and quality of their orgasms.

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