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Enjoying an erotic massage if you are engaged or have a couple

Are you unfaithful if you enjoy an erotic massage while you have a partner? The answer is yes and no at the same time. The application of the adjective "unfaithful" is very subjective to each type of couple. Normally -and always from the point of view of a monogamous couple- love infidelity is considered to be that situation that lacks the normative not-written pact that limits the number of people who can get involved in a love or erotic relationship simultaneously, that is: the prohibition for the tradition of monogamous couples to maintain other relationships in parallel, whether only sexual or also erotic-affective. When this happens in a classic monogamous couple is when we talk about  infidelity. Each couple is different However, there are many ways to understand what a "couple" is. For example in the case of the swinger world, where the couple allows -and also enjoys- their partner to maintain relationships with other people, at the same time or separately, the fact that one member of the couple enjoys an erotic massage will simply be an experience within the way of living the sexuality of this couple. What type of couple is yours? The key: communication Also, in many occasions, an infidelity can be more or less serious depending on the degree of involvement and the extent of the infidelity. For example, there are couples who tolerate flirting, caresses, kisses, but do not tolerate a sexual relationship with a stranger that does not involve emotional bonding. Nevertheless 99% of the cases of arguments, misunderstandings and fights are due to a lack of communication. For any type of couple, what can be defined as infidelity implies deceit and lie. Talk to your partner about [...]

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Are there orgasms during erotic massages?

An erotic massage is mainly focused on relaxation and pleasure. This means that the erotic massage often ends with an orgasm, although in practice it depends largely on the type of massage to be performed and with whom it is performed. Erotic massages are oriented to stimulate body and mind in equal parts, playing with the senses and the contrast between relaxation and excitement. Erotic massages without orgasm There are occasions in which the orgasm remains in a second level and what we look for in an erotic massage is the complete relaxation or the strengthening of affective bonds with another person. Tantric massage For example, in the case of tantric massages, the objective is to find the balance and harmonization of energies -also called chakras- and achieve a higher state of consciousness. For tantra, therefore, ecstasy is not the ultimate goal of the massage. This is a good example that sometimes you can enjoy a relaxing erotic massage for personal well-being. Massage your partner Also in the case of massages between couples the objective is usually not the orgasm itself. In these cases the massage looks for the creation of intimate and affective bonds between the two members of the pair, to relax mutually, to know the body of the other person better, his or her tastes, erogenous zones and in general to create a bond between the two in order to reinforce the relationship. You can reach orgasm with an erotic massage In case the final objective of the massage is the orgasm, normally a direct genital stimulation will be carried out, however, obligatorily after having relaxed the receiver both at a corporal and mental level. In these cases it is a full [...]

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How to decorate a massage room?

If you are a professional masseur owning a massage center or with the intention of receiving clients at home; or simply you would like to offer massages to your partner or friends in a relaxed atmosphere, decorating correctly the room where you are going to work is very important. A massage room should be a quiet space free of noise and distractions that can promote tranquility. Choose the most quiet room Choosing the quietest room is the first step for the decoration to achieve the desired effect. It is always recommended that the room has natural light, but if this means that the windows will be facing a street with a lot of traffic or noise, better choose an interior room without a window. Excessive noise caused by traffic or external rumours will not help the relaxation of the user who is going to receive the massage. Once chosen the room and depending on the size of it we must orientate the decoration in one way or another. Small rooms: simplicity and light colours In the event that the chosen massage room is small and tiny, we must minimize the decoration to not overload the little space available. In this case, we must avoid superfluous decorations; for the walls and ceiling we must choose light colours such as white, pearl, beige or a very light green. These techniques will allow us to give the sensation of spaciousness. Medium and large rooms: think organic If you have a little more space the range of possibilities in terms of decoration for your massage room will be wider. If you chose to decorate the chamber with basic colors and simple objects such as melamine wood, metal and glass, [...]

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How to massage the clitoris

The clitoris: women's pleasure The clitoris is the most sensitive organ in a woman's body and currently its only known function is to provide sexual pleasure. Although it may seem that it is only the small nervous protuberance visible under its cap in the upper part of the vulva - the glans - its structure actually extends inside the body and the reproductive organs of the woman, surrounding the labia majora of the vulva, the perineum and the lower part of the vagina. As we can see, it is an area that must be delicately stimulated, since its sensitivity is enormous - for good and for bad. From Santai Masajes we are going to give you some advices to massage and stimulate it with your hands the right way. Less is more Being such a sensitive organ, direct stimulation is never a good idea. The clitoris - like the penis - is filled with blood and becomes erect when the woman is excited, moment from which we can start to stimulate it keeping in mind that we should not do it directly until the girl is already excited or about to reach orgasm. Also for direct stimulation is very important to use some lubricant -be sure that is a water-based lubricant if you're going to use condoms later- to touch it directly. Another option is to moisten your fingers with saliva or use your partner's own vaginal flow as a lubricant (in fact, the vaginal flow is precisely the lubricant used by the woman's body to promote clitoral function). Start indirectly Since the clitoris extends internally all around the vagina and the inside of the vulva, it is a good idea to start massaging the [...]

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What is a Tantric Massage

Tantric massage: body and spirit The confusion between an erotic massage and a tantric massage is very common. The lack of knowledge about everything related to sex is mainly due to the fact that the sexual education we receive from a very young age is very precarious and oriented in most cases only to inform about contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases. The individual is not given the opportunity to discover his/her body and is not educated so communication -and something very important of human sexuality such as the emotional and affective part- has the consideration that it should. Many people tend to relate tantric massage only to sex and genitals, when in fact it includes a very large affective, emotional and spiritual component. The divinity of sexuality The adjective "Tantric" comes from "tantra", an Eastern esoteric tradition that is thousands of years old and is present in Hinduism, Buddhism and in many of the countries that concentrate more believers of those two religions, such as India, Tibet, China, Nepal or Bhutan. Tantra recognizes divinity in everything that surrounds the human being, including its sexuality. Tantric massage, therefore, is a massage technique that seeks to balance the senses with the body in order to reach a higher state of consciousness. In fact, several of the massage and relaxation techniques used in a tantric massage were already described in the famous Kamasutra, 1,800 years ago. Connect with yourself Tantric massage seeks to connect the 7 chakras (energy zones) through movements, massages, pressure and subtle touches. Everything is done very slowly, with hot oils, giving much importance to breathing, which should be slow, deep and with very long expirations. The genitals are not excluded from the massage [...]

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