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The art of erotic massage with caresses

By definition, we can equate it with a feeling of a positive nature whose main function is to satisfy, in the most natural way, some need. Generally affective type within our body.

And one of the things that also causes great pleasure are the ineffable caresses, perfect complement to any erotic massage that boasts.

The importance of giving erotic caresses

Is this the perfect formula?

Given its multiple benefits for our body and mind through them. There are more and more sexologists and doctors, who have reached the same conclusion.

Their opinions are essential when judging these practices as fundamental and absolutely healthy routines to face the stress of our day to day, making our life longer and healthier.

Some of the many compliments contributed by them, could be the following:

  • Increase of SELF-ESTEEM (essential for a good sexual and mental relationship with your partner)
  • Prolongation of pleasure significantly lengthening SEXUAL RELATIONS (making them, in this way, fully and totally satisfactory)
  • ENRICHMENT (of the relationship as a couple)
  • Relief of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY (both diseases, very common in our days)
  • REJUVENATION (aids in the healing of any mental or corporal disorder)

Types of sensual caresses


Based on your own hands, as the main tool in the execution of a perfect massage carried out by any of the wonderful professional masseurs in Santai in the field, such as:

The Nuru massage where the body to body is the bond of pleasure or the novel TANTRA, executing it with these guidelines, performing with the upper extremities (fingers); like imaginary drawings, forming eights.

Up to simple STROKES:

Taking as main instruments, for example, from a pen and even to the use of flowers to make it more pleasurable.

Going through slight PERCUSSIONS:

Which help both the muscles and the nervous system to relax, through the application of successive taps of short duration and very studied touches, which consist of a progressive excitation of these organs.

But always as gently as possible so as not to damage the area where you are working.

Continuing with long PASSES, as if it were a good cape, because at all times we are talking about good art.

And ending, finally, with the technique of KNEADING. The most passionate, perhaps, of all the ones used so far.

At this point of the massage, the client is already totally satisfied and will only focus on his total personal enjoyment.

The secret: to execute the torsions without damaging the muscle. Not everyone knows how to do it, but in our case you don’t have to worry about anything since we are experts in these avatars.

All these techniques are essential when carrying out a good tantra massage with caresses, as in all its disciplines.

But always making use of these in the strongest or softest way, according to the passion or desire that one wants to obtain; always in its proper measure.

el erotismo de las caricias

Most erogenous zones for caresses

Act by themselves, as the best indicators, that the technique and the mime employees go hand in hand when doing one of these erotic practices

Beginning with the head and ending with the feet, our body is full of corners and areas of the most recondite; distributed in a totally strategic way, where we can give free rein to our imagination and know how to do.

In our massage centre we put all our affection and professionalism in your hands, so that you can experience through our caresses the best experience.

The most erogenous zones to perform a massage with caresses are:


Cardinal point of all the nerve centres that affect our body.


Being lips, especially prone, to good caresses.


Of the neck, we already made special emphasis on another of our articles, although it’s also good to remember that it’s an area whose set with back and shoulders leaves a lot of space for a good masseuse to leave one as new since there are multiple points to play in this erogenous and seductive area.


Exploring its surroundings, one or several good orgasms are guaranteed; almost always… depending on the appetite of the client in question.


We have already talked long and hard in another of our always interesting articles, mostly from this area formed by: the genitals, especially male, where is located its famous G-spot.


Although it seems a very basic part, in reality you can know a lot, just looking at the hands of a person; and taking care of them. It should be a basic habit but it’s one we don’t always consider.


Although it seems a very basic part, in reality you can know a lot, just looking at the hands of a person; and taking care of them, should be a basic habit that we don’t always consider. The caresses on the hands impregnated with oil can be very, very pleasant.


We are in the most sensual and fetishistic area; the feet. They are the kings of caresses, and knowing how to touch the necessary points, you can reach in this area a pleasure of the highest carried throughout the body.

Combining sensual caresses with massage

Let’s explain to finish, how affect the caresses throughout our body after the execution of a complete and perfect sensual massage.


We already know that excites the nerve endings, especially those that occupy the areas of the main ganglia called ganglionic.

And as a curiosity, they anesthetise all kinds of pain caused by different ailments such as rheumatism or arthritis.

Optimal in addition, for people with osteoporosis problems and even some milder types of fibromyalgia, the so-called 19th century plague.


Given the improvement of oxygenation and blood supply, it’s responsible for significantly improving the so-called muscle trophism (tissue tone).

Facilitating in this way, the elimination of disposable substances and catabolites.


Improvement of vasodilatation causing tissue friction and thus increasing oxygen levels in blood.

It also helps the release of histamine and acetylcholine that influence relaxation, well-being and pain reduction, thus facilitating venous return.


Increase of the temperature, with the consequent skin exfoliation eliminating desquamative type cells and stimulating the reabsorption of fluids. Activating in this particular way, the sweat glands, which are those that act directly on the control of sweating and the sebaceous type, which are those that irrigate the fat.

Enjoy an erotic massage with caresses in our Tantra Santai Massage Centre.

Happy Karma!

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