An erotic massage is mainly focused on relaxation and pleasure. This means that the erotic massage often ends with an orgasm, although in practice it depends largely on the type of massage to be performed and with whom it is performed. Erotic massages are oriented to stimulate body and mind in equal parts, playing with the senses and the contrast between relaxation and excitement.

Erotic massages without orgasm

There are occasions in which the orgasm remains in a second level and what we look for in an erotic massage is the complete relaxation or the strengthening of affective bonds with another person. When we talk about erotic massages it is important to bear this in mind.

Tantric massage

For example, in the case of tantric massages, the objective is to find the balance and harmonization of energies -also called chakras- and achieve a higher state of consciousness. For tantra, therefore, ecstasy is not the ultimate goal of the massage. This is a good example that sometimes you can enjoy a relaxing erotic massage for personal well-being.

Massage your partner

Also in the case of massages between couples the objective is usually not the orgasm itself. In these cases the massage looks for the creation of intimate and affective bonds between the two members of the pair, to relax mutually, to know the body of the other person better, his or her tastes, erogenous zones and in general to create a bond between the two in order to reinforce the relationship.

You can reach orgasm with an erotic massage

In case the final objective of the massage is the orgasm, normally a direct genital stimulation will be carried out, however, obligatorily after having relaxed the receiver both at a corporal and mental level. In these cases it is a full body experience and the objective of the massage is the attainment of pleasure.

Petals for the ambient of an erotic massage

Thinking about orgasm doesn’t help you relax

The main handicap with which all erotic masseurs must play is that the receiver never relaxes. This happens in those occasions in which the receiver is all the time thinking about genital stimulation and orgasm as the ultimate goal of massage. In these cases the fluctuations between relaxation and excitement do not occur and the experience will be much less complete than if it had managed to evade the mind.

Each thing at its moment

If you want to fully enjoy an erotic massage you must first of all be clear about who is going to do it for you – whether it is a friend, your partner or a professional masseur – and know what you want to achieve with it. If you are going to exchange an erotic massage with your partner the objective must be to strengthen the affective bond that unites you, in other occasions you can orientate the massage to the attainment of the maximum pleasure.