In Santai we are specialized in offering experiences so that you can get out of the routine and you can evade your mind of the daily life and the stress. That’s why we offer the best quality services specialized in erotic massages Barcelona, with unique massages that will not leave you indifferent. In this article we are going to describe some of the massages that you will find in our menu, their origins and their peculiarities.

Nuad KAA Massage

The Nuad massages have their origin in the Thai tradition, a culture strongly rooted to the massage and the cult to the body and the mind. The first data on traditional Thai massages go back more than a thousand years, although today they are widely spread around the globe thanks to their proven effectiveness against stress, tension and numerous physical problems. The Nuad massage also has Indian and Chinese influences, two cultures also deeply rooted in the cult and care of body and mind. The Nuad massages act on the energetic flows along lines or channels called sen, in a similar way to other techniques such as reflexology and stretching. The Nuad KAA massage focuses on the legs although it really stimulates the whole body, allowing tired muscles of daily life to rest, facilitating circulation, softening the skin and helping lymphatic drainage. In addition, the masseuse will allow the recipient to actively participate in the experience by collaborating in the development of the sense of touch that will be intensified from less to more.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is one of the many types of erotic massages we offer in Santai. It is one of the best known and most demanded varieties of body to body massage. It originates from Japan, and its peculiarity lies in the fact that to perform it a gel is applied – nothing to do with oils or creams – called nuru gel. Nuru gel is made with natural extracts of Nori seaweed and chamomile. In addition to being particularly moisturizing, Nuru gel is very lubricating, 100% odorless and has a very slippery texture. For this reason the Nuru massage is practiced on a futon with a latex sheet, specially thought so that the naked bodies of the masseuse and the receiver can slide one over the other creating an experience of relaxation, sensations, caresses, combined with the most sensual positions that do not leave anyone indifferent.

barcelona japanese nuru massage

Tantra Massage

Unlike Nuru massage, tantric massage does not use gels but hot oils. Moreover, the massage is not applied with the whole body but only with the hands. Tantric massage seeks to connect the 7 chakras (energy zones) through massage, pressure, movement and subtle rubbing. Everything is done very slowly and giving importance to breathing, relaxation and well-being. The genitals are not excluded from the massage area but are also caressed, not to stimulate them explicitly erotically but to feel them as part of us as a whole.