Many people fall into the typical error of simplifying an erotic massage to mere sexual pleasure, although the benefits of erotic massage as such go far beyond the orgasm itself. The advantages and benefits for the body of an erotic massage are many and go from the discovery of our own body and erogenous zones that may be unknown to us, to stimulation and pleasure through acts as simple as caresses and skin-to-skin contact.

Improvements in the health of an erotic massage

One of the keys in any erotic massage, especially if we do it to our partner, is the part of the body to body contact, with special emphasis on those parts that we know are especially sensitive in our partner. With the contact body to body we will obtain a connection to mental level much more intense than if we only carry out the massage with the hands.

Short-term effects of erotic massage on health

Receiving an erotic massage has almost instantaneous effects from the moment we start the massage. Some of these benefits are the following.

Improve blood flow

An erotic massage also includes massaging other areas of the body such as the feet or legs. Manipulating the muscles activates the blood flow in these areas, which translates into greater sensitivity and perception.

Improvements in the health of an erotic massage

Improves lymphatic irrigation

The lymphatic system is in charge of transporting the lymph, which is in control of collecting the waste generated by the cells, transporting the white blood cells and is a key part of our immune system. During an erotic massage we help to mobilize the whole lymphatic system of our body.

Relaxes the mind

An erotic massage involves a moment of great intimacy between two people but for who is receiving the massage to fully enjoy it is necessary to be relaxed. When you get to this point the problems and stress automatically pass to a second term.

Long-term effects of erotic massage on health

The long-term effects of an erotic massage are difficult to quantify, although we can affirm without any doubt that erotic massages strengthen the intimate bonds between the couple and allows us to value our body as it deserves. The erotic massages in a recurrent way help to alleviate the stress and can help in an indirect way to feel better in our day to day.

Improves the bonds of couple

Receiving or giving an erotic massage is also a moment of great intimacy and complicity for the couple, something that in the long term will only strengthen their relationship, learn to be more respectful with each other and generally learn to enjoy healthier and lasting relationships.