Erotic massages between the members of the couple are a very pleasant, interesting and intimate way to create emotional bonds and strengthen the relationship.

Also, an erotic massage does not always have to end with sex, but can simply be a way to show the other person that we are attracted by her/him and her/his body. It is also important to note that the other member of the couple is who best knows the erogenous zones, preferences and points of pleasure of your partner, so it is more than advisable to practice erotic massages within our relationship. In this post we are going to propose you 5 types of massages that you can practice with your partner and that certainly will not leave both of you indifferent.

Foot massage

Feet are an erogenous point for many people, so if this is your case or your partner’s, don’t hesitate to get one for each other. With feet well cleaned and free of calluses and a good essential oil the stimulation of the feet can become a relaxing and exciting act at the same time.

Body to body massage

It is also known as nuru massage, although this last one is practiced on top of a special bed and anointing the two bodies with a special gel. The nuru massage is a classic Asian massage much demanded by our clients. If you want to give a body to body massage to your partner you should use essential oils or baby oil to glide on top of each other in a comfortable yet sensual way. A body to body massage with your partner can be accompanied by kisses and caresses that will turn the experience into something even more intimate.

Thai Massage

If you’ve ever been to Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, you’ve probably heard of Thai massages or proprioceptive massages. It is a type of massage where stretching and contraction movements are practiced, along with the stimulation of certain energetic points of the body. Although it’s a bit complex to perform if you don’t have experience, it’s a great way to create couple bonds. If you want to enjoy a Thai massage at Santai we offer it as part of the special integral massage.

Tantric massage

5 types of erotic massages to improve your relationship

Tantric massage is an authentic erotic massage that however does not seek pleasure and orgasm but whoever receives it to feel the whole body as one, including the genitals that are also massaged. With some indications and some practice no one better than your partner to carry it out.

Prostate Massage

That the prostate is the erogenous point par excellence in the body of men is no secret. That many men have not dared to try it yet out because of a matter of mere prejudice is not a secret either. If you are a man and are curious to try prostate massage no one better than your partner to help you with it. In this post we teach you how to do it correctly.