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5 tips to stimulate desire in men

The loss of sexual interest is often a consequence of a drop in testosterone levels in men. This is often accentuated if the person feels insecure about himself, does not exercise, or is overweight. In addition to these factors, stress is often a determining factor.

For many men, the sexual domain is determined by two main components: physical ability or performance and sexual desire. Low testosterone levels are fatal to both, so we need to consider this when we are about to make changes in our sex lives.

To raise levels of this precious hormone, a medical professional can prescribe testosterone supplements. These can come in various forms, from a gel to be applied to the skin to injectable hormones.

The supplements have proven to be of great help to those looking to increase their testosterone levels. However, there are many ways to increase libido and testosterone without resorting to drugs;

5 tips to increase male libido and sexual appetite, fast and healthy

Improve your sleep

Our body secretes testosterone like a factory, and its production is much higher during sleep. Sleep may not be one of the main reasons you want to spend time in bed, but quality, restful sleep will help stimulate these other reasons.

This can be achieved by creating a pleasant, calm atmosphere with sufficient darkness and relaxing music. It is also important to sleep during the hours of darkness, as our body is in tune with nature; waking up and going to bed early is a very healthy habit.

Stay fit

Exercise is one of the fundamental pillars of overall health, not just sexual health. The best way is to find a routine that combines cardio with strength to give your body a full workout. Half an hour a day is more than enough. Being in shape will increase your testosterone levels and, therefore, your libido.

In addition, the heart is directly related to a man’s sexual health. For this reason, many specialists point out that if erection problems exist, they may be influenced by an undiagnosed heart condition. If you want more tips you can see how to relax our mind.

Add ginseng to your diet

Experts recommend taking one to two grams of ginseng daily to improve sexual performance without any associated side effects. It is important to note that any changes to your diet should be communicated to your doctor to ensure that they will not negatively influence the medication you are taking.

Eat a Mediterranean-style diet

Make a radical change to your diet by combining fish, olive oil, cereals and vegetables. During snack time, it is advisable to switch from processed foods to fruit and dairy products. A change of diet and portion control will have a very beneficial effect on your sexual health. You can also see aphrodisiac foods in this article.

Give up harmful habits

Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol are two habits that can have a very negative influence on good erections. Giving up these habits or minimising them will be key to stimulating sexual desire and improving other aspects of life that also have an influence, such as sleep.

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