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5 secrets to enjoying tantric sex

5 secrets to enjoying tantric sex fully

In tantra, not everything is what it seems at first sight; there are some secrets to enjoy tantric sex or tantric massage that you cannot imagine without someone revealing them to you.

Tantra sex is a millenary practice, of oriental origin, which aims to use and channel sexual energy to obtain a unique connection with the universe and with oneself.

Its purpose is not ejaculation, but to enjoy the path; feel each touch, each touch, each look and together achieve a divine connection from the energy that emanates from both bodies.

The 4 keys to tantric sex

In order to reveal the five secrets of tantra sex, first you have to know what its four keys are:

1. Accept yourself and accept others.

Until you manage to love yourself and accept yourself as you are, you cannot enjoy your sexuality fully. We all have flaws and complexes, but we also have valuable virtues that make us unique and unrepeatable.

2. Take advantage of the present moment (carpe diem).

When you are immersed in your sexual relationship, give all of yourself. Put your five senses in your body and your partner’s. Give up thoughts that can drag you into everyday life. Transform that moment into pure magic and immediate pleasure.

3. Always say what you think and feel.

Ask without fear what you need in sex. Tell the other what you like and listen to their wishes. Express yourself with total freedom.

If you don’t tell your partner how you feel, with what caresses you enjoy more, which ones you like less, you can never reach the full union that tantric sex demands. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions and desires, in sex everything is fine if you both agree.

4. Bet on the harmonic and fluid movement.

Join your internal rhythms to those of your partner; that the caresses and the movements are synchronized and transformed into a beauty and enriching ritual.

Make sex become a true communion of bodies, minds, emotions and souls.

I already have the 4 keys of tantra sex, and now what?

Now is the time to learn the five secrets that will allow you to achieve the best tantric sex possible or erotic massage. If you keep these four keys in mind and follow the tips that follow, you can get to enjoy one of the best experiences of your life as a couple.

The 5 secrets to enjoy tantric sex

1st secret: Preliminaries

Before starting the ritual of sex proper, sit facing each other and start looking into each other’s eyes. Begin slow and harmonious caresses throughout the body. Be creative and prolific in these caresses, gently rub body parts that you have never touched before. This will allow you to discover unknown erogenous zones.

2nd secret: Breathing

The control of breathing is a fundamental step to synchronize completely. Along with the caresses, begin to focus one on the other’s breathing, without looking at their eyes or touching them.

3rd secret: The Kundalini energy

This energy is represented as a sleeping snake that has to be awakened. It’s born in the first chakra, called Muladhara and is located at the base of the spine. The Kundalini energy aims to unlock each of the chakras, in order to channel emotions and heal any emotional wound.

While you focus on the previous steps, this energy will gradually ascend through the chakras, at the same time that it will unlock them and allow you to enjoy a sexual experience without limits.

4th secret: The containment of orgasm

The containment of ejaculation in man is the great secret of tantric sex. There are different types of exercises designed to control orgasm. One of the best known techniques consists in strengthening and controlling the pubococcygeus muscle.

This muscle is used in the so-called Kegels exercises, through which it’s inspired, the breath is held and the lower area is contracted as much as possible, before expelling the air and relaxing. Training this pubococcygeus muscle is the key to retaining semen as much as possible, without the need for manual pressure.

5th secret: The dry orgasm

In religions such as Daoism, Buddhism or Hinduism, semen is a valuable energy that should not be wasted. So one of the keys to tantra sex is to avoid ejaculation while channelling its energy and contributing to the Divine union.

If the semen is not expelled, its energy is recirculated throughout the body, through a practice that combines breathing and control of the genital muscles; that is when the tantric effect of sex takes place. When you approach the point where there is no turning back, you won’t stop masturbation but you will hold your breath and squeeze the muscles, previously toned.

You don’t have to worry if at first you find it impossible to ejaculate without semen, you will achieve it with the passage of time and constant practice.

Have you tried any technique or secret to enjoy tantric sex? We would love to know your experiences!

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