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4 tips to recover sexual desire as a couple

How to recover sexual desire in couple with an erotic massage

Most couples who have lived long enough together, go through periods of sexual drought that, if extended too long, can even destroy the relationship.

Is this happening to you? Keep reading!

This decrease in desire is due to several factors. The main ones are the routine and the stress of everyday life. The pressures that are suffered in work, for example, arriving home with all the anxiety and the bad moods derived from this situation and to pour them onto the only person who is there to listen to us, are responsible for the loss of the passion.

Except in the early days of a relationship in which everything is new and there is no routine, desire and passion are not born by spontaneous generation, we must work for them, seek intimate spaces and constantly strengthen them.

Children are not an excuse and don’t always have to be the priority. Couples with children should look for their moments of intimacy so that the sexual desire doesn’t disappear. If mom and dad are well, this will have a positive effect on the children.

Communicate to “re-know yourself”

The worst thing we can do when trying to recover our sexual desire as a couple is to believe that we already know our partner and take everything for granted. No matter how much you knew a year ago, they are not the same. What excited you before, now has simply stopped doing so.

Constant communication about sexual issues is one of the main keys to not lose sexual desire.

If you have stopped talking about sex and are ashamed to return to the subject after so many years, it will be very difficult for you to feel the lost passion again. After a gratifying talk about sex in which you can trust each other what excites you, you will feel the lost desire again.

Plan erotic encounters outside the home

Making love always in the same bed, in the same house and surrounded by the same environment, is the main responsible for the death of sex.

Plan a weekend getaway to a campsite or hotel, the place is not important, the important thing is that it’s not at home.

Through erotic massages.

Buy erotic toys

Now that the Internet gives us the advantage of anonymity, we must take advantage of it!

Today, we no longer have to face when entering a sex-shop, we can choose the sex toys that excite us most from the comfort of home and from the computer screen.

What are you waiting to visit sex-shops and choose the most exciting toy for both? Once you have it at home, the desire to use it will help you recover the lost desire.

Making love without hurry

And what do you think about a visit to our erotic massages barcelona centre? We are waiting for you!

If you dare to enjoy a tantra sex experience in Barcelona, we assure you that your sexual life will be enriched in all senses. Tantric sex helps you to know yourself, to find new erogenous zones that later you can enjoy in the intimacy of the couple.

Leave out the fear and the shame, a professional tantric massage will make you feel so comfortable, that we know you will want to repeat the experience again and again.

Don’t let the monotony, routine and responsibilities ruin your relationship it. Work to recover the sexual desire strengthened by the maturity and knowledge of yourselves that you now have.

Of course, another great idea is to perform an erotic massage as a couple to discover new challenges and ways to seduce your partner.

What other idea can you think of to recover sexual desire? Tell us in the comments![/fusion_text]

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