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4 important tips to enjoy your first time

4 essential tips to enjoy your first time

One of the most common concerns for girls and boys who are going to live their first time, is usually: what to do to make this important sexual experience a wonderful memory and not a traumatic experience?

We are not talking about using condoms that, of course, are essential to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies; nor are we talking about having the morning-after pill on hand.

We are referring to the emotions that come into play in our first time and to be aware of the responsibility that the decision to have sex brings with it. That is why, throughout this article, we will give you four basic tips so that your first time becomes an experience worthy of being remembered.

How to enjoy my first time?

Be certain that you are with the right person

The most important thing to enjoy your first sexual experience is to do it with the right person. But… how to know who that person is?

If you love her and she is your partner, much better! However, it would be enough if it’s someone you know well, that you appreciate and that you really want. In short, the right person is one with whom you really feel like making love.

If you’re not sure that the time has come to have your first time, don’t be afraid to say no. Getting to the first sexual relationship with doubts is the best way to walk towards failure.

Stop right now and think: is this what I want? Is she the most suitable person for me at this time? If your answer is affirmative: go ahead! But if you still have some doubts, don’t do it. Talk to that person and raise your concerns so that you can, between them, clarify everything that is necessary.

Keep expectations away

There are often many expectations regarding the first sexual experience.

Although you have had previous love affairs, the fact of getting to maintain a sexual relationship properly constitutes a before and after in the life of any person.

Don’t expect to have a spectacular orgasm or that it’s going to be a sexual relationship worthy of a porn movie. The first time you make love, nerves can play tricks and penetration, which should be a pleasant act, can be painful and disappointing for both sexes.

That is why expectations should be set aside. The best you can do is surrender to the sexual experience with your mind and heart completely open and willing to learn.

Don’t forget the practical side!

We know that thinking about our first sexual relationship can be magically disturbing, but we must not forget reality.

A good bath before starting the sexual relationship is essential, especially at certain ages when the hormones are full and with the nerves, bad odours are exacerbated. Ensure those unpleasant body aromas don’t lead your first caresses to become a nightmare.

Underwear must be beautiful and if possible erotic, to awaken the passion.

Don’t forget to bring wet wipes, tissues, a natural water-based lubricant and of course several condoms.

Don’t carry erotic sex toys in your first time. It’s better to leave them for later, when sex is habitual and relaxed between the two.

Erotic massages can also help you manage the moment better.

Tantric massage

The moment you have made the decision to carry out your first sexual relationship, our best advice is to dedicate a lot of time to the preliminaries and to include tantric massage.

The tantric massage will promote the ideal atmosphere of relaxation so that you feel at ease and away from the tensions of the moment.

Set the place in dim light, scented candles, essential oils and soft music. Turn to make a smooth and slow tantric massage, and apply in it all the eroticism of which you are capable.

Remember that the tantric massage is an erotic massage that doesn’t focus on orgasm but the communion of the couple. The tantric massage is a personal and couple encounter, which must be lived from a spiritual perspective.

What about you, have you had your first time in sex? Leave us your advice in the comments. They will be very valuable for those who are still to enjoy their first sexual experience.[/fusion_text]

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