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10 tantra sex positions to increase your sex drive

10 tantra postures to recover your sexual desire with Santai Masajes

Many people confuse tantric sex with Kamasutra and in reality, although they are related, they are not the same.

The Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu book that talks about the behaviour of human beings with regard to sex and shows a series of postures to carry it out. The Kamasutra teaches us that sex is, in itself, a divine union and therefore should not be practiced in a libertine way.

Tantric sex, on the other hand, is the holistic practice of Tantra, a Hindu philosophy destined to search for the purest mystical essence through the pleasure of sex. Tantra gives rise to tantric sex and allows to achieve a conscious sexual experience and an intimate connection with the couple, capable of channelling one’s inner energy to elevate the spirit.

Especially through erotic massages combined with tantra massage.

Tips for performing tantra postures

There is no better way to connect with yourself and your essence, than by developing your senses and your emotions through the complete union with your partner through tantric sex.

Keep in mind that all tantra positions must be performed when both partners are totally relaxed and in harmony. They should be done with calm and controlled movements.

Each position must be made with the necessary time to reach a state of true mystical understanding.

Sex should combine caresses with sensual or tantra massages to increase sexual desire.

Remember that the goal of tantric sex is not to reach orgasm.

The 10 best Tantra positions to intensify your sexual experience

Next we will tell you which are the main 10 tantra postures that will help you find emotional, physical and mental fullness, hand in hand with tantric sex and types of erotic massage.

All these positions are carried out with the man and the woman seated. They are part of the variations of tantric sex, are known as Upavishta and are made by introducing the lingam into the yoni.

  • Kaurmak

This position, also known as the position of the turtle, is carried out in such a way that the arms, mouths and legs of both members of the couple rub against each other.

  • Markat

The man raises the woman’s legs and passes them over her arms to the height of her elbows. As you insert your lingam into the yoni, move the woman back and forth.

  • Padm

The man sitting cross his legs and the woman sits in front of him, on his lap, surrounding the male body with his legs. She is about to be penetrated as he places his hands on her shoulders and thus the sexual movements begin.

  • Panipash

The man holds the feet of the woman and she holds his feet while the penetration of the lingam begins in the yoni.

  • Parvart

This tantric position is similar to Kaurmak, with the difference that the man rubs the woman’s legs with her elbows.

  • Sanyaman

In this tantric position, the man puts her legs under his arms and gently holds his neck with both hands.

  • Unpapad

They sit both, facing each other. The woman raises one of her legs slightly while holding it with one hand. Next he slowly introduces the lingam into the yoni.

  • Vaidhurit

Being both seated, they take each other by the neck and he introduces his lingam in the yoni.

  • Yugamapad

The man sits with his legs very open and introduces with slow and controlled movements, the lingam in the yoni. While penetration occurs, hold and firmly tighten the thighs of the woman.

  • Vinardit

The man raises the woman’s legs and passes them over her arms until they are at the level of her elbows. As he penetrates his lingam in the yoni he moves the woman from left to right.

What do you think of these tantric positions? With what do you think you would enjoy more?

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