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10 mistakes that women make during sex

[fusion_text]Much is said about the sexual errors of men, but… what about the mistakes that women make during sex? Without a doubt, these errors exist.

If you feel that you don’t satisfy your partner as much as you would like, you don’t have to feel frustrated, or lose the excitement; you will see that with a little practice and common sense you will become an expert in the art of love, how can it be when giving erotic massages. And since reading is a good way to learn, we invite you to read this article and get down to work with your partner (if you know what we mean) or hire a professional erotic masseur.

These are the mistakes you should never make during sex

Having sex when you don’t feel like it

If you don’t feel like having sex, say so clearly. Starting a sexual relationship without desire is like eating without appetite. It won’t satisfy you, but neither will it satisfy her.

Believe that he always has to be willing

Although, due to hormonal differences, the guys usually have more need for sex, it’s normal for them to not feel like it from time to time.

Don’t take it personally, it’s not that they have stopped wanting you. Their reasons may be very different from what you imagine. Ask him directly what the reason is, you might be surprised.

Wait for the initiative to always be taken by him

There are women who, out of embarrassment or fear that their partner thinks they are desperate, never initiate a sexual relationship. You have to know that they love that women take the initiative.

Provoke it, make it feel like you want it and you’ll see how the relationship improves in all aspects.

Reject new experiences

The education that most of us have received makes us see any non-traditional sexual practice, as if it were something promiscuous. Nothing is further from reality, as long as both partners agree, anything goes in bed.

Trying new things will make the couple enjoy and sex becomes exciting.

Excite him and then refuse to have sex

Besides being disrespectful, it’s not healthy physically or emotionally for your boy to excite him and then refuse to have sex. If you start something, do it with sincerity and with the intention of finishing it.

Use sex as a reward or as punishment

If you use sex for a purpose and not as an end in itself, you will affect your relationship. Enjoying healthy sex, with no other objective than the purely erotic and affective, will take the relationship on the right path.

Talk about everyday issues while you make love

One of the worst things you can do to your boy while you are in the act of love, is to talk about the price of bread. Whisper sensual and erotic things in her ear; that moment is unique and unrepeatable, focus on it.

Compare it with a previous couple

There is a popular saying that comparisons are odious. Don’t ever talk about a previous couple and much less compare while you are having sex!

Getting angry because he has ejaculated too fast or because he has not done it

Your boy is not a robot – you can’t press a button to ejaculate when you want or not when you want.

If he has ejaculated very quickly it’s because he has loved the moment and if he has not done so, it’s because he has been able to control more or something has disconnected him.

There may also be an organic cause. In sex, one plus one doesn’t always equal two.

Fake orgasm

Women fake orgasm for various reasons: when we want to end the sexual act more quickly, when we cannot reach it or when we want our partner to believe that we have enjoyed more than we really have.

It doesn’t make any sense, in the long term, to fake an orgasm. Talk to him about what is happening to you, let him know how you feel; It will be the key to reaching the climax next time.

What about you? Have you committed any of these sexual errors with your boy? Tell us your experiences, we’d love to hear them![/fusion_text]

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